August 2011

Friends of Mount Hood
August 2011 Newsletter


The proposal by the private company to build a lift assist bike park at Timberline Lodge has not yet gone away, but rest assured we are prepared to protect the historic Lodge. There is some good news in that there will be no construction this summer. The latest word from the Forest Service is that a decision has been delayed until fall at the earliest.

While we do not know the exact reason why the Forest Service has postponed the decision, we do think that the rebuttal comments submitted by FOMH and other conservation groups, plus the hundreds of individuals opposed to the defacement of the Lodge, had a huge influence on delaying the proposal. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who told the Forest Service how special Timberline is to Oregonians.

A special thanks goes out to Chris Winter and the rest of the team at Crag Law Center who coordinated the rebuttal report. We have posted the lengthy report on the website, and it will be well worth your time to study it.

Every delay and postponement is good news. For example, Mt. Bachelor announced that they are looking into the feasibility of a lift assist bike park. While it is too early to form an opinion on the environmental impact of this idea, there is reason to assume that a competing bike park in Central Oregon would take business away from one at Timberline. With enough time, we believe that even the proponents of the bike park will conclude that the economics do not pencil out.

It all seems to come down to money, doesn’t it? And fighting bad ideas like this bike park is expensive. As you probably know, the FOMH is an all volunteer effort. There are no salaries, rent, or paid staff. All we ask is that you join with us in fighting to protect Mount Hood. Any amount you can contribute will make a difference.

Dennis Chaney, Board member
Friends of Mount Hood

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