Cooper Spur Land Exchange Update

An important step has been accomplished in the lengthly process to complete the Government Camp-Cooper Spur land exchange legislation. The FOMH has been activly lobbying from the beginning for the land swap as the best solution for protecting the north side of Mt. Hood from commercial development.

At the end of October, the Mt. Hood National Forest released the draft EIS for public commenting. Here is a link to the Hood River News for details on the DEIS. 

There is a 90 day comment period for the public. The news article has a link to the to the Forest Service for making a comment. There are also links to previous news stories on this lengthy, drawn out process.

For almost three decades, FOMH has been a watch dog fighting to protect Mt. Hood. The latest attack has been at Cooper Spur on the historic North Side, and completing the land exchange will be a significant win for the Mountain. Please see our past posts for full details on preserving the historic North Side of Mt. Hood.

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